Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Glen Etive 25th-27th April 2012

Was up the smiddy at the weekend. Weather came courtesy of a big fat lump of high pressure that arrived friday night and left about the same time we did on the sunday avo.

We woke up Saturday and went for a chilled out paddle down the loch for 5 miles or so. Couple of beginners in tow (literally by the return leg) It's still a bit early for summer so, by the time we got back the temp had nosedived enough to put us off the prospect of the planned rescue and skills session which was rescheduled for the next day.

Had fun. Bit rusty. Lots of things need tightening up. Haven't trained since the last time I had to do it for real. Yeah, that's right - I let go of the kayak (about 50 secs in) Reminds me why we practise these things...

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