Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Largs 13/11/2011. Forecast was 2 gusting 3 but it couldn't have been further from the facts which were about 3 with long, 5min+ gusts approaching 6. Plan was to paddle out to millport before doing a lap of big Cumbrae and back to the yacht haven. plan was revised in light of the experience level present to a pootle up and down the shore.

Plan was vindicated by this report Pretty sure we'd have had one of our own if we'd gone for the crossing although there were a fair few towropes in attendance so we might have made it back in one piece. Amanda was having trouble with the conditions so me and Stuart hung back with her and he brought her up to speed with some edging and balance drills then I towed the pair of them round the corner to the lunch stop.

Total distance covered would have been in meters, rather than thousand meters but it was fun, nonetheless (the raft-tow giving me a decent workout for 5 mins or so and the 2* rescue assessment giving us all something to watch during lunch. Congrats to Derek - on his way to becoming a paddling ninja!

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