Saturday, 26 November 2011

Loch Lomond - 20th Nov 2011

Water was like a millpond when we arrived. Time for Amanda to let go of her rudder-crutch and learn to use the 16 foot rudder she's sitting in. I drilled her on edges on the shore while we waited for Liz and Gerry to get organised for a short jaunt up to Inchmoan and back. The nights are fair drawing in, as they say. Not much time more more than 10 or 12 miles nowadays given that the boatshed is gone and I hate loading kayaks onto my car in the dark.

Back in the Quest after all these months I decided to try out some rolls, wondering if the rudder (which I haven't got round to removing yet) would cause any problems. Popped up effortlessly on my good side then completely bombed my bad side! Tried another couple and failed on my good side this time. Somehow convinced myself it was the rudder's fault but, on reflection, it was just me being lazy and trying come up to fast with too little hip-flick. I did make a point of jumping in the Capella and doing a couple on both sides. Just to convince myself I still could. Capella does seem a bit easier to get back up but I'm pretty sure it's a mental block rather than a boat issue. Rudder is getting taken off this weekend then my brain will have no excuses.

Fortunately none of this indignity was captured on camera. Phew!

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