Monday, 12 March 2012

Lassie the GoPro comes home

So I'm out surfing Bellhaven Bay a couple of weeks ago, as you do. Surf was fast, close and messy. Good survival practice even if the runs-in weren't inspirational. I'd been out about quarter of an hour, trying to shake the cobwebs. Haven't been surfing in a while so when I get picked up by a dumper I didn't lean in quite as hard as I maybe needed to.

Just as I capsized a tiny little split second of my life flashed before me, in crystal clear, 1080p HD quality. I was back on the beach, in the process of trying to find the d-ring on my PDF to clip the lanyard onto when some evil bastard distracted me. "SHIT!!!!" I rolled up, wave still ad me and flipped me over again. I'm 50 yards closer to shore than my 250 quid camera now and having to set up for another roll. I came up on a high brace, another 50 yards in and held on to a bongo slide for another 15 or 20.

Low tide at the end of the day we spent about an hour, combing the beach to no avail. I swear I could hear Neptune laughing at me. I phoned a lost property report into Lothian Police but I'd pretty much resigned to never seeing it again.

Fast forward three weeks and I got a note through the door - Camera has been handed in at Dalkieth. And it's still working, despite being under water for 3 or 4 days!

Here's a video reconstruction of the event.

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